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Time Travel

One of the many amazing things we can celebrate in Littleton is our families’ ability to choose the school focus that students are most interested in. At Littleton STEM Academy, we get the opportunity to explore the world through computer science. Throughout the school year, we discuss future careers in computer science and “time travel” to the future and make a plan! We hope that by teaching students to plan for the future they can begin to set goals and strive to achieve them so they can choose a career they love!

Big Smiles

On October 22, 2018, the Big Smiles Dental Program will be at Littleton STEM Academy. The Big Smiles dream began back in 1997. We were dentists and friends and wanted to create a dental practice for those who could not easily get to a dental office. As both mothers and dentists, we knew how difficult it was to take our own children to the dentist while juggling busy schedules. Working from our kitchen tables, we created a dental safety net for children. The dream turned into a startling reality. At our very first in-school visit, it was quickly apparent that most of the children we served had never seen a dentist! About half the children treated had significant dental decay, almost all of which was preventable. The school staff knew we were needed. A child in pain cannot learn.

Boys And Girls Club Partnership

Our Littleton champions are partnering with the Boys and Girls Club starting in October 2018. All kindergarten through 8th grade students have the opportunity to join. The program starts right after school and stays open until 8:00 p.m. Transportation is available from all schools to the Underdown Learning Center. Enroll now to secure your spot. Please call 623.932.1154 and see our Boys and Girls Club flyer for additional details. 

Boys and Girls Club Partnership Flyer

Notice of Pesticide Application

Tax Credit Information

Reduce your Arizona state tax by contributing to Littleton Elementary District schools! The state of Arizona allows taxpayers to take advantage of wonderful tax credits. Please consider donating to the Littleton Elementary District schools. Simply download, print, and return a form to the district office or any one of our schools today. Our goal is to double the amount collected last year. We need your help to accomplish this! Remember, a tax credit is better than a tax deduction.

Art Education Page

We have a new district Art Education page. We will be adding new things to the page in the coming weeks, so visit often.

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Littleton Ledger

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